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Kappan Kronicles

August 2004

Volume IV Issue I


Plan to Attend


Our first meeting of the year will be on Thursday, September 2 in the faculty dining room at Sumter High School.  Please plan to attend.



The officers for 2004-2006


Virginia Brown

VP for Programs

Robert Hutchens

VP for Membership

Karen Harris-Sweetman


Margaret Hutchens


Craig Washington


Katherine Barrett

Foundation Representative



Les Carpenter

Past President

Mark Sweetman


All members are encouraged to recruit and attend meetings.  Our next initiation of new members will be at the January 6, 2005 meeting.  The cost of membership is $110 ($70 International dues; $5 International initiation; $30 local dues; $5 PDK pin).


Our website is currently under construction.  You may access our website at


PDK International may be accessed at 


Calendar for 2004-05:


Meeting on 1st Thursday each month at 5:30 pm. The Teachers Dining Room at Sumter High School is located on the far side of the Commons Area across from the main school entrance.


            September 2      Sumter High

            October 7         Sumter High

            November 4      Sumter High

            January 6          USC Sumter

            February 3        Sumter High

            March 3            Sumter High

            April 7              Sumter High

            May 5               Sumter High


Foundation Representative Office Vacant


The Executive Board accepted Julie Atkinson’s resignation with regrets at their meeting on August 24.  Julie has been a standout member since our days as a club.  Thank you Julie for all of your hard work!


A special election will be held at our September 2 meeting to fill the vacancy.  If you are interested in the office please contact Virginia Brown at the Sumter 17 District Office or make sure you are present at the September 2nd meeting.


The following is from our bylaws
The foundation representative shall coordinate foundation activities at the chapter level and review and act upon all foundation-related mailings from the international office.”